One 15 ml Bottle

One 15 ml Bottle

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Our 15ml single size bottle.

5pm Shadow EU Reach Compliant ✅

Elevate Your Scalp Micropigmentation with 5pm Shadow Pigments

Redefine your scalp micropigmentation artistry with 5pm Shadow Pigments, the world's premier choice for achieving flawless and natural-looking results. Our renowned 15ml SMP Ink bottle is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional vibrancy, precision, and color retention, ensuring that your SMP creations stand the test of time.

Unparalleled Performance

5pm Shadow Pigments are formulated using the finest pigments and cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing exceptional performance in every application. Our ink boasts superior color retention, ensuring that your SMP creations remain vibrant and true-to-tone over time.

Unsurpassed Precision

Experience the unparalleled precision of our SMP Ink, designed to seamlessly blend with your client's natural hair color and scalp tone. The ink's smooth consistency and effortless flow enable you to create delicate hairlines, intricate details, and a natural-looking density that will amaze your clients.

World-Class Artistry

Join a global community of SMP artists who rely on 5pm Shadow Pigments to deliver exceptional results. Our ink is trusted by industry leaders for its consistent quality, versatility, and ability to produce stunningly realistic SMP creations.

Embrace the 5pm Shadow Difference

Elevate your SMP skills and achieve artistic excellence with 5pm Shadow Pigments. Our 15ml SMP Ink bottle is the perfect addition to your toolkit, empowering you to create lifelike scalp micropigmentation that will transform your clients' lives.

Order yours today and experience the 5pm Shadow difference!